A lit bulb in focus, the filament spiralling inside the glass.

Back-up plan: How to choose a standby generator to power your home

With worsening weather conditions and rising energy demand, the UK is predicting power cuts this winter. With a home generator, you can have a back-up plan in place.

Looking out at the countryside from the window of a campervan.

6 places to escape in your campervan this Christmas

Christmas camping has a completely different festive feeling to camping at other times in the year and when you have a portable generator for camping, there’s nowhere you can’t go. Here are 6 of our favourite Christmas escapes in your campervan.

New Northern Generators Website displayed on Computer, Tablet and phone

Generating a new beginning!

After 15 years of trading, we at Northern Generators are relaunching our website to a new quicker, and more user friendly platform. Although you may only notice the design change, the backend is much more robust and will provide a quicker experience for all our users.